Absolute Truth #2: A Few More Thoughts

Something’s Wrong with the World

We cannot deny that something is desperately wrong with the world, and the temptation will be for parents and grandparents to try to stay relevant with the culture by accommodating ourselves to the thinking of the culture, often without realizing we are doing so.

So, I felt a couple of other thoughts would be useful related to how the Gospel ought to set apart Christian parents and grandparents from the rest of the world…

  1. When it comes to parenting and grandparenting standards, it is tempting to let cultural trends dictate those standards. Christian parents and grandparents, on the other hand, turn to the Bible for their standards, whether it is popular to do so, or not.

We know that we are part of a fallen, broken and messed up world because of sin. We can’t save ourselves from the consequences of our sin. However, we know the Gospel is the good news that God can. If fact, He is the only one who can and He has done so through His Son, Jesus Christ. We are all in need of a savior because we are the problem… our hearts are bent towards rebellion against God and His truth.

The Gospel declares that we, by faith, have received the grace of God through the blood of Christ to cleanse our hearts, minds and souls. The sacrifice of the perfect Lamb of God makes it possible for us to be made alive in Christ, to become new creature who are freed from the slavery of our sinful natures.

Therefore, as the redeemed, we turn to the only place where a righteous standard for parenting and grandparenting can be found – God’s Word. We seek His truth because it is perfect and liberating. Cultural trends come and go, and always lead to more brokenness and messiness. God’s standards are right, just and in our best interests. God delights in giving us what is best and leads to peace for our souls… and gives Him the greatest glory.

  1. If we stubbornly hold on (and we must) to God’s standards for righteous living and how we train up our children to walk in the truth. There will be push back when we do so. For example, the world does not understand that children don’t NEED smartphones but do need moral standards.

They will mock the biblical standards of Christian parents and grandparents who care about what goes into the minds and hearts of our children. They will not understand that what they watch on TV, see at the movies, and read on social media matters. Worldly parents will be perplexed by parents and grandparents who believe they should keep cell phones, tablets and computers out of kids’ bedrooms.

Sadly, many Christian parents take a very lax stand on these matters. There is often more concern about what their kids eat than the lies and garbage they are fed via the devices in their own homes. Intentional parents and grandparents who want the Gospel to shape how they live as a family care about the things that destroy and corrupt the heart. They know that a child’s soul is of infinitely greater worth than their social image – that their self-worth is more important than their popularity.

Gospel-shaped parents and grandparents stand firm upon the standards of Scripture because they know it is true and is good for the soul. If the price of raising children and grandchildren who love truth and righteousness, who live responsibly and clear-mindedly, is the sneers and side-ways glances of those who don’t understand what matters, then that is a price worth paying.

After all, there is no greater joy than to know my children are walking in the truth.


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  1. Gwen
    Gwen says:

    Oh my goodness! How timely! We could have written this ourselves – only not so eloquently! With the Bible as their guide, our grandchildren are so much stronger in facing this “politically correct” world! Just talked with one of them who very fortunately/blessedly has acquired that strength, as he is constantly being challenged by his public school teachers for his Biblical Worldview, even when expressed in a secular manner. We remain so grateful for everything we’ve learned through CGN and GrandCamping to help him meet these challenges in his life!


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