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Countering Common Objections to Christian Education

Many arguments are made against Christian education by parents and even some pastors. The most common objections will be responded to in this article. These objections include: Christian education shelters children from the real world; I went to public school and love Jesus; Parents choose Christian education because of fear rather than trusting God; You should send your child to a public school to evangelize others; Parents can unteach and reteach their children after school to counter secular thinking; and Christian education is to expensive.

What others are saying…

Practical and biblical advice. A wonderful resource.

Nothing is closer to the heart of God or more central to the priorities of His Kingdom than the calling of bringing the little ones to Him. And nobody can do it quite like you, through your unique relationship—Josh Mulvihill’s book shows you how!

Josh Mulvihill’s approach is straight from the Bible, full of great insight and advice, and incredibly helpful.


Bible-based, Christ-centered, gospel-shaped resources to equip parents, grandparents, and church leaders to disciple future generations with a biblical worldview.


Church leaders have access to great books that can help grow a ministry, but sometimes it takes an outside perspective and a hands-on approach to bring about significant transformation.


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