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Are You an Open-minded or Vertical-minded Grandparent?

“So, you own the truth!” This comment was directed at me by a grandmother during a recent session I was teaching about the core truths of a biblical worldview. She believed I had laid claim to the corner on what was true. She took issue with that because she had come to realize truth was much […]

The New Flirting-What’s a Grandparent to Do?

Today’s grandparents are faced with challenges unlike any other time in human history, especially in the arena of sexuality. The Sexual Revolution has changed the face of sexuality in many ways for which grandparents are seeking help and answers. How do we deal with all the modern attitudes towards sexuality and the impact that digital […]

Using Proverbs to Teach Your Grandkids

I am pleased to have permission from my friend, Dr. Ken Canfield, to share this article he recently published through his newsletter, GrandKidsMatter. If you are not a current subscriber, I encourage you to do so today. Dr. Canfield offers grandparents some sage advice about the wisdom of proverbs and maxims for teaching God’s truth […]

What Does It Mean to be a GRAND Father?

On a flight last year to Boston, I was privileged to sit next to an 81-year-old man still working fulltime. He’s been with the same company for fifty years. “I see no reason to retire,’ he said. “I love my job, and I’m good at it. I love the relationships I have cultivated over the […]

Grandfathers! What Are You Doing to Produce Godly Grandsons?

When Leo told me that his grandfather was the only male role model in his life that showed him what a real man looked like, I was both heartbroken and ecstatic. On the one hand, it was tragic that he had no father involved in his life, or that no other men were able to […]

When Equality Does not Mean Equality

What does the Equality Act mean for grandparents? More than you think. This blog explores why this is an important matter for grandparents to talk about with their grandchildren.

Six Lies Social Media Tells Your Grandchildren

Imagine being a parent of young children once more. How would you feel if you learned that every time you left your kids with a certain babysitter, that babysitter was brainwashing your children with stuff completely contrary to what you were trying to teach them? That’s what is taking place more often than we like […]

Smartphone Conversations for Grandparents

Do you ever grow tired of the constant intrusion of smartphones in everyday life? Have dinner time conversations with your grandchildren been reduced to tweeting and texting activity while face-to-face human interactions almost come to a halt? Few grandparents have much to say about whether their grandchildren are allowed smartphones, let alone when and how […]