What Does the Solar Eclipse Reveal to You?

There is quite a frenzy going on right now with the arrival of a once-in-a-lifetime solar eclipse across the United States. It’s been ninety-nine years since the last one, so this is really a big deal.

It’s been fun watch all the news stories and see the excitement this event is generating. As I’m watching all of this, you may have noticed what I have notice. While a lot is said about the “science” behind this phenomenon, nothing is said about the God behind the science. There is lots of talk about how science can precisely measure and determine exactly when this event occurs, and what they can learn from it. And that’s all good. What is obviously missing is any recognition of the Designer behind the design.

If you shared this amazing event with your grandchildren, I hope you used it as an opportunity to discuss with them how God’s glory and majesty is displayed in it. What an amazing opportunity to talk with our grandchildren about God’s greatness and power. What a great opportunity to discuss all the ways God displays His glory, beauty and power in the world around and the heavens.

What is behind all these wondrous displays of wonder? Talk about it and use it as an opportunity to give praise and honor to Him who shows us His glory in things like an eclipse. These kinds of event are like special reminders, much like the rainbow, that God is God alone, and He created all that is. His beauty, power and creativity are on display for all to see. You won’t hear much from the media or scientific community about that side of it, so let’s be sure to tell our grandchildren the truth. Remind them that…

The heavens declare the glory of God;
The skies proclaim the work of His hands.
Psalm 19:1

The eclipse is also a great teachable moment for talking about the last days when the sun will be darkened by more than an eclipse. In those days, just prior to our Lord’s coming again to judge the living and the dead, God will display His power and glory unlike anything we have ever known. For the child of God, this will not be a time to fear, but a time to rejoice for the Lord has come to make all things new, and to wipe away every tear.

The eclipse is an amazing event. What’s even more amazing is the Creator’s hand behind it. Let’s soak in His awesome wonder, and give Him the glory and honor that is due Him.

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  1. Gwen
    Gwen says:

    This was so very powerful and instructive for our family. Not only did I copy and paste most of your blog for our grandchildren, but forwarded your thoughts to their parents and aunt and uncle, as well! We were all fascinated with the Eclipse, of course, but had missed the whole point. Your blog was so helpful to us, so timely and “right on”! Thank you!


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