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For the Family: News and resources for family discipleship

Five articles, videos, and resources to encourage and equip parents and grandparents.

According to new Barna study, conservative Christians credit parents, the Bible, church, and family members (grandparents) as the four most dominant influences in their life.

“The top three personal influences cited by SAGE Cons are the Bible (estimated to have “a lot of influence” on their decisions and perspectives by 98%), religious teaching (92%), and the values taught to them by their parents (77%). A second series of entities were said to have “a lot of influence” by about one-third of the segment. Those influences included family members (listed by 33%)…”

Massachusetts schools adopt new curriculum aimed at normalizing LGBTQ lifestyle.

“Bay State schools will be able to try a new curriculum with LGBTQ-themed history, English and health this fall that proponents say is an effort to help all students see themselves reflected in classrooms.”

“It is really up to classroom teachers to normalize being LGBTQ in the classroom. It is not only talking about it in the curriculum but being careful in the language they use, respecting the pronouns students use or not making heterosexist assumptions. Teachers can do a lot to help normalize LGBTQ.”

Public schools are a mechanism to teach children transgenderism.

“A majority of these teachers also said they have tried to integrate LGBT-related topics into their teaching. Many also mentioned advising LGBT awareness groups for students, training peers or addressing the topic in venues such as school assemblies.”

“And, they told us, they see schools as crucial spaces not only of learning, but of safety, for the next generation.”

The Bible gives us an incredible picture of the glory of old age and the purpose for the last half of life.

“The Bible dignifies four stages of life. It probably has more to the last stage than any other. What the Bible has to say about age is not counter-intuitive, it is extremely, and profoundly counter-cultural.”

Gospel Shaped Family Conference to equip parents, grandparents, and church leaders to shape the next generation for Christ.

The Gospel Shaped Family conference is designed to equip families to raise children and grandchildren with a deep, lasting, culture-transforming faith. God designed families to shape the next generation with the gospel, give them a biblical view of life, and be the primary means to help children and grandchildren mature in Christ.

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