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Countering Common Objections to Christian Education

Many arguments are made against Christian education by parents and even some pastors. The most common objections will be responded to in this article. These objections include: Christian education shelters children from the real world; I went to public school and love Jesus; Parents choose Christian education because of fear rather than trusting God; You should send your child to a public school to evangelize others; Parents can unteach and reteach their children after school to counter secular thinking; and Christian education is to expensive.

Raising Future Men

It’s an arduous journey to reach manhood. Many boys do not have a compelling vision of what it means to be a godly man. Manhood is in a state of confusion today. Society no longer knows what a man is or how a man acts. Learn how a group of fathers are raising their sons to be future men through a group called The Man Co.

What Does it Mean that a Pastor is a Shepherd?

God has given pastors a very clear job description in the Bible. Central to that role is shepherding. This post explores the five critical functions of a shepherd: know the sheep, feed the sheep, lead the sheep, protect the sheep, and gather the sheep. God’s call to shepherds is to pay careful attention to the flock. The business of the shepherd-leader is the sheep. May it be reflected in how we function as a pastor and operate as a church.

New Resource: My Story Guidebook for Small Groups or Sunday Classes

My Story Groups are designed to help Christians write their faith story and capture meaningful memories that will strengthen their children’s and grandchildren’s faith in Christ. My Story Groups were created because many individuals have the best intentions to write their story, but sometimes struggle to accomplish this goal on their own. The My Story Guidebook is designed around community. Gathering in community with other Christians helps us complete the task of writing our story because we are cheered on by others, inspired by other people’s stories, and supported when we get stuck. The My Story Guidebook can be used in a small group setting, a Sunday School class, or even by Zoom. The guidebook provides details about how to launch and lead a My Story Group. It walks you through how to facilitate, plan, and promote your group. The resource provides sessions and topics of discussion, a group covenant, tips to start and finish writing your story, resources, and some ideas about how to share your faith story with your children or grandchildren. 

Stand to Reason’s Reality Apologetics Conference

Stand to Reason offers an unmatched student conference that equips young people to understand and defend their faith from some of the biggest challenges today. Stand to Reason has conferences in California, Washington, Minnesota, Texas, Pennsylvania, and Georgia. If you live near one of these locations and have children or grandchildren in this age range, you should consider attending. 

How Do You Know if Critical Race Theory is Taught in Your Child’s School or Church

Critical race theory is infiltrating corporations, Christian organizations, and educational institutions all over American. We are beginning to hear organizations state that critical race theory isn’t present in their school or church. I thought it would be helpful to provide a quick list of terms and buzz words. If an organization is using any of these words or phrases, they may be teaching critical race theory. 

Speaking Schedule Over the Next Three Months

I would appreciate your prayers that God would do a divine work in the hearts and minds of those I have the privilege of speaking to over the next three months. I have more than 35 talks and 15 trips, so it’s going to be a very busy stretch. Here is a quick summary of my summer and fall speaking calendar. If I’m coming to your church, city, or state, I would love to connect!

Latest Edition of The Review Magazine Now Available

The Review is a full-color magazine filled with insightful articles that present and defend biblical worldview and the importance of training the next generation to know, love, and serve Christ. This issue features over a dozen powerful articles including: How to Help Children Understand and Defend Their Faith, Foundational Principles of Biblical Earth Stewardship, Navigating the Digital Landscape, What is Justice, and more.