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Understanding Critical Race Theory from a Biblical Perspective

Critical race theory used to be a subject that was relegated to the halls of academia, but that is no longer the case. It has gone mainstream and is common in government institutions, K-12 education, and corporate training. Some see critical race theory as a helpful analytical tool or a harmless fad. Others believe critical race theory is a counterfeit version of biblical justice. This article explores a few core views of critical race theory.

What is Justice?

We all desire justice. If someone gets away with something wrong, it bothers us. One of the most common phrases in the human language may be, “It’s not fair.” But if we were asked to define justice, could we do that? Justice is a confusing, foggy topic for many right now. We need clarity because counterfeit versions of justice are everywhere. What exactly is justice? 

Education Matters: Why Education Needs to be Part of Your Churches Ministry to the Next Generation

Many Christians are uncertain why we educate a child, the purpose and goal of education, who is given the responsibility in Scripture, and how we are to accomplish the task. As a result, many Christians have unintentionally adopted an unbiblical view of education and take their educational cues from culture rather than Scripture. Pastors have an incredible opportunity to cast a biblical vision for the education of the next generation and help parent think biblically about a topic that is critically important to the evangelism and discipleship of the next generation. If you believe education matters, then it is time to prioritize it in your ministry to the next generation.

How to Help a Child Understand and Defend Their Faith

You have helped train your children or grandchildren in the Christian faith. What will they do when someone makes a claim and provides “evidence” that the resurrection never happened or the Bible has errors? We are in a battle for the hearts and minds of our children. Here are some practical ways to arm your children or grandchildren to understand and defend their faith.

Quick Tips to Get Published

I regularly get asked questions about how to get published, so decided I would share one of my email responses from a question that was asked of me by an aspiring author. I don’t consider myself a publishing expert, but I’m experienced enough with the publishing world to share some advice from personal experience. If you are an aspiring author, here are a few quick tips to get published.

Is Same-Sex Attraction a Sin?

“Is same-sex attraction a sin?” This question was asked by a pastor to a group of high school students as part of a talk on sexual identity. My son attends this group, and after inquiring what would be talked about, the pastor invited me to join the group for the evening, so I did. His talk needed much clarity, so for my sons sake and others, I decided to write this post. His premise was three-fold. First, homosexuality is a sin. Second, the Bible does not address same-sex attraction. And third, same-sex attraction is not a sin. Let’s look at each of these briefly.

Understanding Educational Equity: What It Is and Why It Should Be Rejected

A philosophy called equity has become a dominant ideology in public education and is beginning to make inroads in some churches and Christian schools. Due to its recent explosion and significant impact on education, Christians need to understand what equity is and how to respond. The Bible calls believers to test everything and hold fast to what is good, so this article will examine some of the central tenants of equity according to Scripture.

Identity in Christ: How the Bible Answers the Question “Who Am I?”

“Who am I?” Every young person asks themselves this question. It is the challenge of childhood and hunt of humanity to discover ones identity. Society shouts to our children, attempting to convince them that they can create their own identity through the clothes they wear, the car they drive, the cause they support, their tattoos, music, job, and the sexuality they embrace. As a result, identity can change with a new pair of clothes, a new accessory, or a proclamation of gender expression.
Children are told to explore and construct their own identity based on their preference. Due to the importance of this topic, every church, school and family should address it with children. This document will introduce you to identity in Christ so that we may achieve the goal of helping young people understand and live out a God-defined, Jesus-centered, and gospel-driven identity.