A Poem about the State of the American Church

A poem about the state of many evangelical churches in America:

We are hollow men
We are stuffed men
Experiencing together
Sermons filled with straw. Alas!
Man’s wisdom, for
Itching ears
Is clever and meaningless
As wind in dry grass
Or vapor over broken glass
In our barren lives.

Quick explanation: Many pulpits have exchanged God’s word for man’s opinion leading to the erosion of sound theology and empty lives of God’s people. Experience has become the authoritative source for decisions and the abundance of numbers gives the false impression of success perpetuating shallow faith with little fruit.

In far too many churches we have:

Style over substance
Numbers over nurture
Feelings over thought
Theology is therapy
A copycat culture
The problem of pragmatism
The rousing of emotion
Distain for doctrine
Self-fulfillment is the new gospel

May God coming to reform the church to align with the Bible.

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