A Crazy Life

Catherine Jacobs

I remember well my crazy mom’s life of raising my four kids. No one warned me it is equally delirious being a grandma. Let’s see, this week I’ve crisscrossed the city not once, twice, but four times. Three of those runs were grandchild related. The fourth trip was to lead a class for grandmothers. Yes, I often catch MY breath as I watch my daughter race from one Mom’s event to the next. But I’m eyeballing her as I scurry hither and yon, repeating to myself, “I can do EVERYTHING through Christ who strengthens me.” The problem is I’m not as young as Carrie…. Sigh ….

Now I’m not complaining at all. I love it. Even though I get exasperated trying to balance this “retired” life, I wouldn’t trade any of it. Oh, I wish my life were nice and neat and orderly. How I long for a simpler, organized life-style. But you know what? I realized that is probably NOT going to happen — not in this life, anyway. So, I grab my keys and GO. When I can, I plunk away on my computer or scribble with a pen across various sizes and shapes of paper (old fashioned, I know). Also, I love to talk, visit or share with other grandparents about this amazing season of GRANDparenting. Notice I capitalized the first letters in the previous word. That is because this second season of parenting is “grand”. It is God’s vision for us as we age, gain experience and, hopefully, become wiser. The jury is still out on how wise I am. Finally, occasionally, churches ask me to speak at seminars, workshops or conferences.

Recently, I was given the awesome opportunity to write a few words to you, the readers on “Gospel Shaped Family”. Compared to the other writers on this website, I’m the “young one”. Not in age (at all!). But in experience of writing and speaking. I am a grandmother who has written a book and spoken a few times around the country. I’ve been blessed to walk with the Lord for over forty years. I base my thoughts on the living Word of God. So, grab a cup of tea and join me soon as I relate to you my struggles, nuggets of God-given wisdom and experiences of raising kids and grandkids in the faith.

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