What Legacy are you leaving your children and grandchildren?

The Biblical Grandparenting Seminar or Conference is a partnership with a local church or organization to equip grandparents in their God-designed role to be intentional, godly grandparents so that future generations may grow up with a biblical foundation that will enable them to follow Christ wholeheartedly in today’s world.

The Grandparenting conference is designed to equip this generation of grandparents in the battle for the hearts, minds and souls of the next generation—their grandchildren. This event will help grandparents understand the cultural realities of today and how to prepare our grandchildren to walk in the truth in a world that rejects Christ.

In the Biblical Grandparenting Conference, Dr. Josh Mulvihill unpacks culture’s misleading messages about grandparenting, provides a biblical overview of the role of grandparents, and shares groundbreaking research that will give you a vision to impact the next generation for Christ. In addition, you will be given practical methods to disciple your grandchildren and navigate your place in the family.

Available as a single seminar, full day conference, multi-day conference, or preaching in Sunday services.

Strategic sessions address the following topics:

Understanding the Biblical Role of Grandparents. What is the biblical role of a grandparent? Can you summarize this in a sentence or even a word? Every grandparent is given a God-ordained role that is not interchangeable with any other member of the family. Come to this seminar to gain a laser-like focus on what a grandparent’s role is as well as learn the responsibilities grandparents are given by God from the Bible. If you are not a grandparent, this seminar will prove valuable as it will help you understand your parents role with your children. If you are a pastor, this seminar will equip you to provide a clear and compelling vision to share with grandparents in your context.

Discipling Grandchildren: 8 Spiritual Practices Every Grandparent Can Use. Do you want to help your grandchildren grow in their walk with the Lord? The eight practices presented in this seminar are a synthesis of Josh’s Ph.D research regarding the best practices that grandparents from across the country utilize to help grandchildren grow in spiritual maturity. You will walk away with practical tools and specific ways that you can invest in the spiritual growth of grandchildren. If you are not a grandparent, this seminar will equip you to understand how your parents can spiritually engage with your children.

How to Help Your Grandchild Develop a Biblical Worldview. Learn why worldview matters and how to help your grandchild develop a biblical worldview by teaching four foundational biblical truths. Participants will learn to identify strong cultural messages that threaten to distort and destroy faith in Christ. This seminar will help you gain confidence and equip you to have intentional conversations so that your grandchildren develop deep, lasting, and culture transforming faith.

Gospel Shaped Grandparenting: 5 Statements that Can Transform Your Family. What difference does the gospel make to grandparenting? For many people, an understanding of the gospel is muddy and it does not translate into everyday living. In this seminar you will learn how to apply the gospel to the every day problems you face as grandparents. The gospel provides relational guidance, answers to difficult family situations, and priorities with grandchildren. If you find yourself wondering how you should navigate a family situation, then this seminar may prove helpful.

How to Talk with Your Grandchildren About Marriage, Dating, Purity, and Sex. Do you want to help your grandchildren embrace a biblical view of marriage? This seminar is based on Josh’s book Preparing Children for Marriage. American culture communicates powerful messages about dating and marriage, and young people without strong consistent biblical teaching and godly example are likely to be influenced toward non-biblical lifestyles. In this seminar, you will be equipped to teach your grandchildren key biblical truths about marriage. You will walk away with a Bible study and discussion questions to guide conversation with grandchildren.

  • A one-day conference typically begins at 9a and concludes between 3 and 4p on Saturday.
  • A two-day conference typically runs from Friday evening (2 hours) through Saturday (9:00 am to noon).
  • Lunch should be provided as part of the one-day event. Coffee and snacks should be available for the two-day event.
  • Each session is approximately 45-60 minutes in length
  • Final session also includes a Q&A time

We typically use one presenter for the Biblical Grandparenting conferences, but also offer a second speaker if a church desires multiple presenters. Either way, our sessions are very interactive, inspiring, and instructive.

We ask that host churches or groups provide an honorarium plus travel (airfare and rental car), lodging and meals costs related to the event you will be hosting. For specific information about honorarium fees, please contact us by email at info@christiangrandparenting.com or by phone at 952-484-2921. We will be happy to discuss these costs with you prior to sending out a contract.

Here are a few additional expenses you will need to consider when planning your event:

  • Lunch: If you are a church, you decide whether to cater or provide a meal prepared and served by volunteers.
  • Promotion/Publicity: You will want to print fliers, perhaps submit a press release to your local paper or radio stations, and put up posters.
  • Facility: Will you have facility expenses to host the seminar? Will you need to provide overnight housing for participants?
  • Handouts for the seminar: CGN can provide a printable handout for each of the sessions that you can copy for participants to take notes.