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Josh Mulvihill is the Executive Director of Church and Family Ministry at Renewanation, where he equips parents and grandparents to disciple their family and coaches church leaders in children, youth, and family ministry with a focus on biblical worldview. Josh has served as a pastor for nearly 20 years, serves on the board of Awana, provides leadership to the Christian Grandparent Network, and has a PhD from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He is the author or editor of nine books including Biblical Grandparenting, Preparing Children for Marriage, and Biblical Worldview. Josh is a regular main stage speaker and workshop presenter at conferences and popular radio guest on programs such as Moody radio and FamilyLife Today. Josh’s primary ministry, and greatest joy, is being a husband and father. He is married to Jen, they have five children, a black lab, farm cats, and chickens. They live in Victoria, Minnesota where they homeschool their children and work on DIY projects on their 100 year old farmhouse. Josh enjoys fishing and camping with his family, laughing with friends and reading a good book around a warm bonfire. Connect with Josh on Facebook or the web at

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Josh Mulvihill is the Executive Director of Church and Family Ministry at Renewanation. He served as a pastor for 20 years, has a PhD in Family Ministry, serves on the board of Awana, and is the author or editor of nine books, including his latest book Biblical Worldview. He is married to Jen and they have five children. Josh blogs at

What Others Are Saying

Practical and biblical advice. A wonderful resource.

Josh Mulvihill’s approach is straight from the Bible, full of great insight and advice, and incredibly helpful.

Josh Mulvihill provides truth packed, Gospel rich, invaluable resources we all can use to disciple our children.

Nothing is closer to the heart of God or more central to the priorities of His Kingdom than the calling of bringing the little ones to Him. And nobody can do it quite like you, through your unique relationship—Josh Mulvihill’s book shows you how!

Josh Mulvihill has created biblical tools that parents can use to help their kids challenge the worldly norms that they are exposed to regularly.

Josh Mulvihill will equip you to sharpen your thinking, increase your impact, and influence young people to apply the truth of God’s word to their lives.

A prophetic voice, strong biblical foundation, and groundbreaking research makes him the thought leader in Christian grandparenting today. Every one of the 30 million Christian grandparents in America should have a copy of his inspiring books in their homes. Every church should have it available in their library, preached from our pulpits, read in our small groups, gratefully taken to heart and then acted upon. I highly recommend his awesome books.

When we first met, Josh was the Pastor to Families and Children at a mega church in Minnesota. I wondered if he would be someone who was chasing all the latest church fads or if he was serious about the biblical worldview development of the children and parents in his care. I soon discovered that he was not only serious about it, but had put the programming in place to make it a reality, and he practices biblical worldview development in the lives of his five children every day.

I often receive emails from grandparents who are seeking advice on how to be a stronger spiritual influence in the lives of their grandkids. I always point them to Josh Mulvihill’s excellent resources! Discipling Your Grandchildren in particular is a virtual treasure trove of godly and practical ideas for creating a deeper spiritual connection with grandchildren. If you sometimes find yourself wondering what more you can do to help your grandkids know and love the Lord, this is the book you need!

God requires all parents to instill a biblical worldview in their children’s hearts and minds. Parents are in desperate need of resources to assist them in this monumental task. Dr. Josh Mulvihill provides parents, church leaders and educators with such resources.

Dr. Josh Mulvihill has written a clear, powerful, truthful Biblical Worldview book that is critically important to internalize as you answer God’s call to “bring them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord” (Ephesians 6:4b).

Dr. Josh Mulvihill is an outstanding advocate and supporter of grandparents. His research delivers new insights for grandparents. Dr. Mulvihill’s writing is tempered in biblical truth, which will inspire you in your grandparenting journey.

The church revitalization process has been really helpful. I felt connected immediately to the desire for a strong Biblical worldview. Our time for evaluation and planning was exceedingly helpful. I am walking away very thankful for a clear action plan… and look forward to working with you again.

Wow, Josh’s teaching was very life-changing and challenging. As a father, it is upon me to lead my family and Josh’s conference gave me solid biblical examples and resources to do this. Lots to discuss with my wife and pray about implementing.

Gospel Shaped Family was such a great conference. I have been praying that my husband and I would be able to attend a marriage conference and a parenting conference but we have three very young children and the thought of two weekends with travel seemed impossible. This was the perfect combination. Just what we needed. Doable and a gift from the Lord. It was also truly gospel focused which is such a breath of fresh air, freeing, hope giving! Thank you!

Our eyes were opened to the truth of what God tells us a grandparent’s role is! We attended Josh Mulvihill’s conference and are now involved in starting a ministry at our church! Can’t wait to get the word out and equip and encourage other grandparents with the wonderful resources that were provided for us!

After reading your book, I am much more passionate about ministering to my own grandchildren and encouraging others to do the same. I’m offering a one-day grandparenting workshop, starting a grandparenting small group, and plan to reference your content.

WOW! Words can’t capture the impact you had in our Gospel Shaped Family conference. I heard from so many today who were challenged, encouraged and inspired to embrace the role that they play in their family. Thanks for saying yes and for going the extra mile to help people know and follow Jesus.

Articulate, knowledgeable, spiritually grounded in the word, engaging and totally able to connect with his audience, both grandchildren and grandparents. Dr. Mulvihill was the guest speaker for our GrandCamp (a five-day camp for grandchildren and grandparents) providing a program that touched the lives of each attendee. As an author and speaker, Josh Mulvihill consistently provides a thought-provoking message, in both large and small group settings. The grandchildren’s Bible story time was excellent, captivating the children’s hearts and minds, while his daily presentations for our grandparent sessions were outstanding in content and delivery. We are looking forward to working with Dr. Mulvihill in the future and would highly recommend him for similar speaking engagements, especially for programs related to his work in the area of Christian Grandparenting.

Dr. Josh Mulvihill has a wealth of resources for parents, Christian schools, and churches, all aimed toward discipling the next generation of believers with a biblical worldview. Our school recently partnered with Dr. Mulvihill to evaluate how we support and equip parents as they disciple their children. With his help, we were able to pinpoint several areas of improvement, along with numerous strategies for implementing those improvements. I would encourage every church and Christian school to tap into the superb resources and Godly wisdom available from Dr. Mulvihill.

As grandparents, we sometimes need new ideas of fun and meaningful ways to disciple our grandkids! We want to leave a lasting legacy of faith. We just read the new book “Discipling Your Grandchildren.” It contains lots of suggestions and ideas to help us do just that! This book might be helpful for you, too! We pray we can point our grandchildren to Christ.

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