Biblical Parenting Seminars

What is the goal of parenting? The world encourages parents to raise happy, healthy kids, but the Bible encourages us to nurture the faith of children so they treasure Christ. Dr. Josh Mulvihill will teach you how to develop a biblical foundation to reach and disciple your children to maturity in Christ.


  • Five Marks of a Disciple-Making Family: 2 Cor. 3:10-17 provides key principles for firm belief and being equipped to serve Christ.
  • Family Worship: How to read the Bible, sing, and pray with your family.
  • Biblical Discipline: How to discipline for discipleship.
  • Why Worldview Matters: How to help your children develop deep roots and defend their faith.
  • Core Truths: Critical conversations to build lifelong faith.
  • TheBigStory: Teach children the Bible in five words.
  • How to Prepare Children for Marriage, Dating, Purity, and Sex: Five truths every child must learn.
  • Additional seminars available such as Why Have Children, Parenting with a Biblical Plan, Navigating Public Education, and more.